Giving something back

I have just launched a new online Photo Club which I thought I would write about briefly because it is all about giving a little something back.

I am incredibly grateful for all the support I have had in my photography journey so far. I have been running workshops for the last 4 years and have met some wonderful people who have returned time and again to attend different workshops and support some of the other projects that I have been involved with. So as a thank you I have set up a new Photo Club which will take the form of a monthly photo challenge. As part of the club I will also be running a free monthly walk and talk session with a photo challenge thrown in. And for everyone who signs up to my new club I will be offering exclusive discounts and some surprise events / activities to keep you all motivated in your photography.

As I have progressed along my photographic journey I have been inspired by many other landscape photographers and have learnt so much from watching YouTube videos, listening to Podcasts and reading articles in blog posts. These are all great ways for us to learn and most are free to access.

I know some people are a bit wary of giving away too much information but personally I think it is important to share our knowledge and help motivate others. Photography is a fantastic pastime. It is a great excuse to get out in the countryside and connect with the landscape around us and can be a very mindful activity beneficial for all our mental health.

This week I received an email from a national photography magazine telling me that their letter of the week (to be published at the end of January) was from a reader who had written to say how useful and inspiring he had found my books and blogs and how the information had been invaluable during his recent visit to Suffolk. I have to say that this made my day. It was so lovely to know that the information I had shared had helped someone enjoy their time in Suffolk and that they had found it so useful that they were willing to write to a magazine about it.

And this is what I think outdoor photography is all about. Sharing our knowledge of photography and our deep love of the landscape with others so that they might connect with the places we love and discover some of the joy that we experience when visiting them.

So if you would like to be part of my new photo club and share some of my local knowledge then please sign up and I look forward to meeting you all virtually or on a photowalk soon.